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Pets and Icemelters – Use GroundWorks™!

In winter, it’s common to see melted ice dumped on icy sidewalks and driveways. Many people use them without realizing the damage they can cause to their dogs. So why are so many retailers choosing to offer GroundWorks Natural Icemelter™? Because GroundWorks™ is made from potash (potassium chloride, or KCI) , a colorless crystalline solid or powder used widely in fertilizers and in the preparation of most potassium compounds. When pets have contact with traditional icemelters, like calcium chloride for example, their paws are burned, and their eyes, noses and tummies are irritated. The same concern simply doesn’t exist if they have contact GroundWorks™ . In fact, potassium chloride is used for many things!

Because potassium is a mineral required for healthy physiology, it’s also an ingredient found in many over the counter and prescription medicines. Potassium chloride is so safe that it’s a common alternative to traditional salt licks often put out for livestock including deer and horses. Popular pet food brands like Beneful®, Hill’s Science Diet®, Nutro® Natural Choice, Pedigree®, Purina®, Iams®, Eukanuba®, and Kibbles ‘n Bits® all include potassium chloride as an ingredient in a variety of their specialty foods. Safe for crops, safe for plants, safe for soil, safe for concrete, safe for water, safe to eat . . . no wonder retailers are choosing GroundWorks™.