Celebrating 25 Years !!

At XYNYTH Manufacturing we have been offering greener, safer Ice-melting choices for the past 25 years.  To commemorate our 25 year anniversary all of our customers received a “Do it yourself” party kit to join in our celebration.

For the past 25 years and the many more to come XYNYTH strives to encourage customers to help our planet go green by making  the right choice and using  all natural deicers that are not only safe for our children and our pets but are also gentle on the environment.

As we continue to celebrate the past 25 years, and to show our customer appreciation we had a draw that many who visited our website at www.xynyth.com  had a chance to enter and win an IPad2.  Congratulations to Warren from Mr. Chemical in Ontario for being this year’s winner.

XYNYTH would like to also thank our numerous customers who have put their trust in us over these years.  Helping grow your business has made us both succeed.  We are looking forward to continuing to serve our existing and new customers for another 25 years and more!


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